Minion Cloud Business is here to simplify the way you manage your business.

Android based Point of Sale Available on the Google Play Store


Minion is a lightweight accounting software application for small business scalable to enterprise businesses. This product will revolutionize your management, reporting and overall financial view of your business.

  • Sales Management
    Simple Pont of Sale (Also available for Android Devices) • Raise invoices & debit notes • Create quotations • Customer Relationship Management • Accounts Receivables Management • Customer statements • Receipting
  • Bills & Expenses
    Record bills and expenses • Track your accounts payables • Manage your vendors/service providers • Record payment of bills and services • Creditors (Supplier) statements • Expense reporting
  • Banking
    Record your deposits and withdrawals • Record account transfers • Record bank charges • Bank reconciliation • Manage your cash book • View a transactions schedule
  • Payroll Management
    Manage salary income and deductions • Define PAYE Tax tables • Configure employee salaries and payroll • schedules Disburse salaries and issue payslips
  • Budgeting
    Define budgeting accounts • Compare variances in your budget • Data Visualisation & Forecast Reporting
  • Significant Transactions
    View the General Ledger • Manually post journals • Reverse and delete journals • Authorise posted journals
  • Reporting & Configurations
    Define a chart of accounts • Generate Trial Balance, Statement of Income & Expenditure, Statement of Financial Position, Individual Account Statements
  • System Security
    Define system roles • Define and assign permissions to roles • Assign roles to users • Manage user account • Data encryption & Backup